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What’s On My Design Wall July 25, 2010

Posted by Pam in KC in designwall, Star Struck.

Is anyone surprised that Star Struck is still on the wall? We’ve been cleaning and working in the yard, so no quilting has been done since about Tuesday. Although only two new blocks have been added, I now have the gold sewn to all of the blue units. They are also paired up so I can quickly sew together units to make 1/2 blocks — whenever I get back to the sewing machine.

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1. Vicki - July 26, 2010

Nope and it is so pretty. I would be sewing this one for EVER!! looks great

2. sophie - July 26, 2010

Those stars really sparkle … I’d leave them up on the wall so, if you can’t be quilting right now, you can admire your progress so far.

3. Diane - July 26, 2010

very pretty-
it’s such a bother to have to clean and do yardwork.
but you have such a nice project to return too!

4. glen in Louisiana - July 26, 2010

not surprised! But then it is summer after all! I think it is comeing along nicely.

glen in Louisiana

5. Mary C in WW - July 26, 2010

It’s ok that your star struck is stuck on your wall. They are coming together nicely. I like the scrappiness of them. You’ll have a “flimsy” before you know it.

6. Quilter Kathy - July 26, 2010

Looking great! It’s a busy time of year for outside work.

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