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QA Wednesday August 4, 2010

Posted by Pam in KC in 1000 Pyramids, dwr, goals.

Last week’s goals:

#1 – move the Double Wedding Ring from the floor frame to the lap hoop. I don’t know if this will require re-basting or not. I guess I won’t know until I try. – DONE, didn’t rebaste.
#2 – work on Star Struck – Ignored
#3 – since the rest of the house is clean, I now need to work on my sewing room – not much – did get the floor frame taken down.

The DWR didn’t get pulled out of the frame until Monday, which did allow me to take down the floor frame.  Already the sewing room feels bigger.    Part of the delay was I wanted to practice with the new quilt hoop.  I wasn’t able to find my whitework  hand quilting project (it’s here somewhere), so I pulled out my baby 1000 Pyramids.   I quickly realized that was not a good hand quilting project, so I began to quilting to my sewing machine.  I’m just about finished.

So what’s on my list to do this week?

  • Finish quilting and bind the 1000 Pyramids —  I’m going to bind it in the scrappy green binding pictured
  • Every day quilt on my DWR.
  • Clean the sewing room.  I just offered to host my quilting buddies for a sew-in  this month, so this has to get done.

Check out what others are doing by following the links over at Bari’s.



1. Julianne - August 4, 2010

Nothing like a dead line with company to help motivate. LOL

2. Bari - August 4, 2010

Woo hoo! I am so happy you didn’t have to re-baste your DWR! Can’t wait to see it quilted. I also love that scrappy green binding…I have this thing about purple and green! LOL

Sounds like your list for this week is do-able…especially with the motivation of company coming!

Keep it up!

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