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Mystery Quilt Revealed April 12, 2011

Posted by Pam in KC in 2011 Mystery Quilt, mystery quilts.

This past weekend I attended the 10th Anniversary Kaye-Woods-Quilting-Friends (Yahoo! Group)  retreat at Camp Beth Eden in Conway, Missouri.  This was my 7th year.  I had a great time, but I’m exhausted!  One of the activities which you can participate in is a mystery quilt.

A mystery quilt is where you are told how much fabric you need, then are given the cutting and sewing instructions, but not told how what you are making.  Hopefully the instructions are written clear enough that there are no frustrations and in the end you have a finished quilt top which looks like the original when it is revealed.

I wrote this years mystery quilt.  My friend Mary over at Quiltn’ Gramdma’s Blog tested the pattern for me.  After the pattern was tweaked, Terri who wasn’t able to make it to the retreat offered to post the patterns to the list for anyone who wanted to participate, but couldn’t make the trip either.  She also tested the pattern for me.  This is her quilt.

This year we had six ladies complete their quilt tops.

More about the retreat and the shopping I did later.  I’ve got to straighten up my sewing room so I can unpack.



1. Mary C in WA - April 12, 2011

So glad you got to see so many versions made at the Retreat. Have a great week.

2. Andee Neff - April 12, 2011

How very fun! They all turned out great!

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