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Stash Report July 3, 2011

Posted by Pam in KC in Stash Busting Report.

No fabric used in the past two weeks and only 1 quilt shop visited on our 12 day road trip.  I saw a couple, but either there wasn’t enough time to stop or it was after hours.   Since I had my niece and nephew with me the fabric I did buy is for them.

I’ll be making my niece  the Bellance bag.  She picked out a new Robert Kaufman black and white print for the bag, a bright pink for the accent and another Kaufman black and white for the handles.  I didn’t want to have to think, so I got a yard of each.

My nephew, not wanting to be left out, picked a FQ for me to use to make a quilt for his frog. That’s a Build-a-Bear frog, not a live frog.  It’s a Christmas print with peppermints on it.

When I checked out my niece  said “Wow! That’s more money than the purse Momma and Daddy wouldn’t buy me.”  I told her it would cost more before it was done, but it would be made with love, last and be washable.  I also told her she might not getit until Christmas.  Good kid that she is said that was OK.

So, here’s the report.

Fabric Added Last 2 Weeks: 3.25 yards
Fabric Used Last 2 Weeks: 0 yards

My totals look weird and I don’t have access to my spreadsheets, so I’ll  update the  year-to-date totals next week.

Meanwhile, checkout the links over at Patchwork Times to see how others are doing.


Found the issue with my totals.  I didn’t update the year-to-date total on the 17th.    The corrected year to date totals are:

Fabric added to date:  90.019
Fabric used to date: 113.825
Net fabric used: 23.806



1. Kate - July 3, 2011

Sounds like a beautiful purse for your neice. Love the idea of a peppermint qulit for your nephew’s frog. Very cool!

2. Tiffaney - July 3, 2011

Wonderful job making her feel so much love.

3. Liz - July 3, 2011

it’s gotta be fun for the kids to select their own fabric. That purse is going to be beautiful.

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