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The Scrap Bucket July 26, 2011

Posted by Pam in KC in scraps.

Part of the cleaning of my sewing room resulted in all of the scraps (and larger pieces)  from the last 6 or 7 months getting corralled into one place.  To be fair, most of the popcorn tin contains “crumbs”  too small for me but I know there are quilters who love crumbs.

So, yesterday after sewing ONE of the two seams needed for the backing of the Crossword Puzzle quilt, I started working on this pile. I filled a 2 gal bag with crumbs from the tin (had to start there so I’d have a place for the crumbs I’ll generate working the scraps).  There was also a good bit a fabric which was too big to be called scrap which I’ve put away. So I’m actually down to just the plastic box which needs dealing with.

I put the lid on the box and set it over in the basket of thrift shirts which still need cutting up.

What can I say — I’ve got a pile of batting scraps which need to be dealt with — not to mention another seam on the backing for the Crossword Puzzle quilt (and all of the stuff I had spread out on the ironing board Sunday night.

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