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Can I Start Another Quilt? November 17, 2011

Posted by Pam in KC in Uncategorized.

I have my fabric all picked out for Orca Bay the Bonnie Hunter mystery which starts TOMORROW.

However, I have several things on my plate right now:

There’s the log cabin  – 180 blocks which still need two more light and two more dark logs added to the blocks; Ocean Waves – which needs who know how many more HST cut and sewn;  a purse my niece picked fabrics out for; and mini-quilt for my nephews Build-a-Bear frog using the peppermint fabric.

The log cabin is the only thing which doesn’t have a firm deadline — and it’s the one closest to completion.

Maybe I’ll just print out the instructions and not start Orca Bay until I get further along on one of these four projects.


1. Krista - November 17, 2011

No, no, you need to finish the eagle quilt! I’ve been waiting for ages to see it done 🙂

I keep looking longingly at Orca Bay – but I don’t do well with mystery quilts, and I don’t have enough scraps for this one, I don’t think. I may try it as a non-mystery later, once I see the finished project and can pick my colours based on that.

Krista - November 17, 2011

Or I could just be confused – ignore the first part of that comment. Sigh. Must be too late to be blog-hopping.

In any case, I love your fabrics for Orca Bay, and good luck fitting it into your busy schedule 🙂

2. Orca Bay Progress – 11/21 « Quilting and Stuff by Knitnoid - November 21, 2011

[…] Last week I picked Purple, Orange and Blue instead of Bonnie’s Red, Blue and Black.  My color choices were driven by what’s in my stash — I haven’t replenished my reds since I finished the wedding quilt and my purple/pink box is overflowing.  My thought was to use blue instead of black and figure out the purple and orange when we got to that step. […]

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