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Stash Report September 30, 2012

Posted by Pam in KC in Uncategorized.

Nothing in or out on my stash report this week.  I prepared the backing for a quilt, but since I haven’t quilted it yet, (and therefore could change my mind) I’m not going to count it.  And I didn’t work much on my Irish Chain quilt, so I still am not counting that fabric.  I just didn’t spend much time in my sewing room this week. On the other hand, the bedrooms are cleaner than they’ve been in a long time…

Fabric Added Since Last Report: 0 yards
Fabric Added to Date:  96.302 yards

Fabric Used Since Last Report: 0  yards
Fabric Used to Date: 74.277 yards

Net Used for the year -22.025 yards

Here’s the link for the stash report over at Judy’s.



1. Dee Dee - September 30, 2012

Some weeks seem like we are able to spend lots of time sewing/quilting and other weeks it is just a dream to be able to do it. Enjoy your day.

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