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The Big Camping Adventure May 24, 2013

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My young friend is spending the weekend with us.  She’s been begging us since mid-February to go camping in the backyard.  I have NO idea what put that idea into her head.  We are not big campers.  Admittedly, I do have camping gear, but it hasn’t been used since May 2003.

The weather is nice, it’s a long weekend, and why not.  This was so spur of the moment. So, we hauled the basics up from the basement — tent, tarp, air mattress, sleeping bag, bug light and I’m not sure what else.

Between the two of us we got the tent setup in a relatively flat spot in the backyard. I worked up a sweat.


She pumped up the air mattress with the foot pedal, unrolled the sleeping bag and brought out her thin blanket.  I had her go back in the house and bring out the Dresden plate quilt for additional warmth.

Yes, that’s a DVD player and electrical cord you see there.  She doesn’t want to get bored. 🙂


Finally, we had her put on her fleece pajama bottoms.  She kicked me out and zipped up the door.


We’ll see if she stays out all night.  At least she says I don’t have to spend the night out there. — This is good.  There’s only one sleeping bag.



1. Missy - May 25, 2013

Sounds like a lot of fun!

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