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Play Time July 20, 2013

Posted by Pam in KC in Uncategorized.

truddicenterOK, I’m skipping ahead.  The center of the quilt is done, but now I  can’t remember what the borders are supposed to look like. So, I’m setting it aside for a bit play time in my Orphan Block Box.

As it turns out, the box contains blocks, pieces and parts.

Here are a some of the blocks I’ve tossed up on the wall.



Then there are the parts and more blocks.



Then there’s what is still left in the box. Strips sewn together to cut into HST with the Wondercut Ruler, more parts/pieces, tiny blocks for a quilt that seemed to be going no where fast, strips sewn together from mitered borders or ready to be cut into strips to form into other blocks.


There is no way I can get everything back into the box, since I still haven’t pulled everything OUT of the box – I’ve only stirred and fluffed.

I’m going to find a box I can temporarily toss stacks of pinned pieces into until I get to the bottom of this box. Once I see what I have I can decide on a theme of the quilt — Black and Bright?  Just Brights? Pink & Purple? Pastels?  I suspect there are at least 2 quilts in this box, perhaps more – especially with a bit of “coping” fabric thrown in from the stash.




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