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Overtime for the Elves December 26, 2013

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Earlier this week when I changed the sheets on the bed, I changed out my quilt and put a matching pillowcase one of my pillows. A day or two later my DH cracked a joke about me having pillowcase which matched my quilt.  Between the comment, the fact that I  hadn’t made him a pillowcase to go with his music quilt that I gave him 3 years ago and there was just one gift for him under the tree (a cell phone he had been wanting for several months), I started rooting around in my fabric to see what I could come up with in the way of pillowcases.

7 PM Christmas night that can be a challenge in my stash.

First off, I don’t buy “yards” of fabric. Most of it is FQs or maybe half yards. However, sometimes, I did buy 1 – 1/4 yards of the music theme fabric — but then cut a tie out on the bias rendering it useless for a pillowcase.

I have two drawers full of music fabric and did find several pieces which were either 28″ long (for two cuffs) or 46″ long (for two bodies) — not that the music cuffs worked with the music bodies. So the next step was to find cuffs or bodies in my main stash.

Luck was with me. For some reason I have a length of lime green Patrick Loose Handspray that went well with the tossed music symbols. Then I found a nice soft bleached muslin which must have come from my mom’s stash. One set down.

For the orchestra cuff, I pulled out the remnants of a wide backing which must have been used on a narrow quilt as there was easily 44″ in width left and plenty of length. The accent fabric was cut from the length of a remnant of another backing. Now I had what I needed for a second set of cases.

Mad sewing and wrapping and two more gifts were under the tree.  Now if the the gifts I ordered for DH’s birthday will just get here in time. I don’t think I have another set of pillowcases in me — but perhaps the valances he wants for his office/music room?






1. Mary C in WA - December 26, 2013

Nice of you to sweat and get them done in time to be unwrapped. I would have to make a darker colored set for the greasy stuff my DH produces while he sleeps, TMI, I know.

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