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Double Wedding Ring Progress January 6, 2012

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One of my goals is to finish my Double Wedding Ring quilt – preferably sometime this decade.   I hardly picked up the quilt last year.  I must have worked on it a bit since it was in my sewing room when the ENTIRE family came over for dinner last January and I had to move it back to the sewing room for Christmas.

Anyway, it’s back in the living room, where I work on it when I’m “watching” TV.  I’ve even made a bit of progress on it – more than I’ve committed to for the UFO Challenge and it’s only January 6th!

In the illustration above, if the “block” is colored in, I’ve quilted that section.  If its’ just a line drawing, I still need to quilt it.  If I can keep this pace I should have it finished by before my birthday the end of May.   The only question is whether or not  I can keep this pace and get done everything else I that needs be done in the same time frame.  So stay tuned.


What’s On My Design Wall January 2, 2012

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Yes, I’ve taken down Orca Bay.  It’s January 2nd and I’ve got to get this Ocean Wave’s quilt done by mid-May and there are still 464 HST squares to be stitched — not to mention the actual assembly of the blocks, the quilt top, quilting, binding and a label. This part of the quilt is up on the wall to remind me to get it in gear.

I’ve also been working on my January UFOs.  It’s a 3 part deal — the block from the Christmas quilt — the pattern is still leaning against my computer; 2 SBS blocks (book is on other computer) and one ring of my DWR.

That, I made progress on Sunday.  The center of the ring I quilted is off to the right.  Up next is the pieced section surrounding the melon.  I may work on that tomorrow evening.  — Anyone noticing I’m not jumping out there to work on the cookie jar?  It’s that appliqué thing.

There should be some great design walls over at Patchwork Times – check them out..

The Year of the PIG – Question #4 February 24, 2011

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Jill’s Year of the PIGS Question #4 is:

What is your last finish and what UFO are you working on now?

As Jill said, this is an easy question.  My last finish was my 5-patch Scrap baby quilt on January 31st.

I’m working on two different UFOs at the moment.  At the sewing machine I’m working on a brightly colored Dresden Plate on a black background.

I started this quilt sometime in 2006.  I’m using a skirt my mom made for me in the early ’90s.  One of these days I’ll need to see if I can find a picture of it before I started chopping into it.  This is what is left of the skirt.

There were at least two more tiers to the skirt.  I had to cut into another layer to get enough pieces.

I wore that skirt frequently for 10 years (clearly I’m not a clothes horse.)  I always wanted a black blouse and black slouch boots to wear with it.  But never got the blouse made or found the boots.  Instead I wore it with a purple “camp shirt” and some sort of black shoes.  For accessories I had a “silver” concho belt and a multi-colored turquoise phoenix brooch.  I finally rolled over the hem of the skirt with my desk chair one time too many and decided I shouldn’t wear it any more.

When I’m not sitting in front of my sewing machine, I’m hand quilting my Double Wedding Ring Quilt.

Last night I discovered that I only have 2 rings left on the row I’m currently working on, then two more rows for a total of 16 rings to go.  I’ve blogged a lot about this quilt over the past couple of year.  Clicking on “dwr” on the right of my screen take you to those entries.

Check out the link’s at Jill’s to the last finish others have had and what they are currently working on now.

What’s on my Design Wall December 6, 2010

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Thanksgiving weekend I discovered I didn’t have anything really portable to take to a sew in.  I’m working on the Cream & Green quilt, the Double Wedding Ring and No Blue Geese — but currently it’s all in the hand work stage and rather large to tote around.  Not wanting to start anything new, I pulled down my box containing this quilt –well really just the letters and prepped about 1/2 of my letters.    This project can’t be completed until sometime in May, so I’m sporadically working on it.

In the meantime, I’m still working on my Double Wedding Ring —  Started the 6th row last night.  I’m also working on No Blue Geese.  I quilted a large pleat into the backing, so I’m having to stitch it down by hand.  Once I get that done, I’ll put the binding on and post a photo.  The Cream and Green quilt is still waiting on some handwork as well.

Check out other design walls for more inspiration by following the links over at Patchwork Times.

What’s on my Design Wall November 7, 2010

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Very little quilting was accomplished this weekend. After working all night Friday night/Saturday morning, I didn’t get going good until, well, I’m still not going good Sunday evening. I did get out of the house Saturday afternoon for the quilt show, then when I got home, we turned around (after a 2 hour nap on my part) and took my niece to dinner. Sunday we were out all day – church and then shopping — at a MALL. And I had new heels on. That’s a story for another time. Anyway, we finally got home about 3:30 and I put my feet up.

I worked some more on the on Double Wedding Ring, but I still have a melon, two arcs and the cornerstones and before I’ll be done with the 4th ring on the 5th row, with three more rings to get done before Wednesday. Check back Wednesday to see if I get it done.

Briefly I worked on the Cream & Green blocks — the first row is put together and I’ve got two blocks on the second row together, the backing just needs stitching down. Before long I’ll have to make a border decision.

When I bought the sashing and cornerstone fabric, I bought enough for borders and binding. I just don’t remember if I was planning on design #1 or design #2:

Option # 1

Option # 2

Both of these options makes the quilt a full size quilt. However, if I leave the borders off and just bind it in green, it will be twin size — not to mention I’ll have enough of the sashing fabric to make the body of pillow case (probably have enough to make the cuff if I go with a larger quilt).

Option # 3

This quilt doesn’t have a destination — yet — so I can’t use that as my guide. Right now I’m leaning toward no borders, but that may be because I’m tired. At least I don’t have to make that decision immediately.

Follow the links over at Patchwork Times to see what others have on their design wall.

Half the Quilting is Done! October 29, 2010

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Three Rows are Quilted October 6, 2010

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When I started this quilt in the floor frame, I skipped the first row.  I think that’s the row  I’m going to work on next.

QA Wednesday September 8, 2010

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After I figured out what I was going to work on over the weekend, my DH and I made the decision to take a road trip to visit his family. Needless to say, I was limited to handwork – although I did show my SIL how to use a serger.

  • Finish Oklahoma Backroads – no
  • Quilt daily on the DWR – took the quilt with me and worked on it the days we didn’t travel
  • Piece at least half of the remaining blocks ( I think that’s 20) [Star Struck] – no
  • Piece 4 SBS blocks – no

On the other hand, I stitched some of my dragonflies.

There is less on this week’s list since there is no holiday to give me an extra day of quilting.

  • Finish Oklahoma Backroads
  • Quilt daily on the DWR.
  • Piece 2 SBS blocks
  • Make this month’s KVQG BOM

Check out the links at Bari’s to see if extra quilt was accomplished due to the long weekend.

What’s On My Design Wall August 30, 2010

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The wall still has bits and pieces of what was up there last week. However, this past weekend, and into the foreseeable future, I’m quilting, not piecing. I’ve completed 5 of the 7 rings on the second row of the DWR. When I wasn’t hand quilting, I was machine quilting on Oklahoma Backroads.

There’s enough quilting to hold the layers together through repeated washings, but I’m going to add a bit more. I plan to stitch in the ditch (or in the vicinity) across the width and down the length of the quilt, bowing out at the star points. My hope is to highlight the stars. Too bad I didn’t realize this was my plan before I had the first layer of quilting done – stitching diagonally through the light chains.

Check out what others are doing by following the links over at Judy’s.

QA Wednesday August 4, 2010

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Last week’s goals:

#1 – move the Double Wedding Ring from the floor frame to the lap hoop. I don’t know if this will require re-basting or not. I guess I won’t know until I try. – DONE, didn’t rebaste.
#2 – work on Star Struck – Ignored
#3 – since the rest of the house is clean, I now need to work on my sewing room – not much – did get the floor frame taken down.

The DWR didn’t get pulled out of the frame until Monday, which did allow me to take down the floor frame.  Already the sewing room feels bigger.    Part of the delay was I wanted to practice with the new quilt hoop.  I wasn’t able to find my whitework  hand quilting project (it’s here somewhere), so I pulled out my baby 1000 Pyramids.   I quickly realized that was not a good hand quilting project, so I began to quilting to my sewing machine.  I’m just about finished.

So what’s on my list to do this week?

  • Finish quilting and bind the 1000 Pyramids —  I’m going to bind it in the scrappy green binding pictured
  • Every day quilt on my DWR.
  • Clean the sewing room.  I just offered to host my quilting buddies for a sew-in  this month, so this has to get done.

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