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What’s on my Design Wall May 30, 2011

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Saturday I got the top left quadrant sewn together.  Sunday I received a call.  One of the names is spelled wrong!  So, my husband and I went out shopping.  When we got home we put our heads together and found a solution.  Now all I need to do is finish stitching the last few letters then get them sewn into the top.

I will NOT quilt this before the wedding Saturday.  We are going to hang it in the reception hall and let everyone proof read it!

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The Push Is On May 27, 2011

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It’s been a whirlwind of activities or lack there of this week.  Down with a sinus infection early in the week and then dodging tornadoes before finally getting my momentum back.  I’m still not at full power but there are quilts to get done.

I’ve tossed some blocks up on the design wall for my sister’s wedding quilt.  When she and her fiance were here last weekend I finally showed it to them.  She loves it — or at least what it will become.

This is about 1/4th of the quilt.  My design wall is not big enough for the entire quilt, so I’m going to have to work on it in sections.  That 5th block down on the left side of the quilt is going to have to move.  I think I’m going to find a spot where the really light part is under a letter.

I have more blocks to piece and letters to applique, but hopefully I’ll get some of the blocks sewn together by this time tomorrow.

The Binding is Finally Done May 25, 2011

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Just pulled this quilt from the dryer.  I finished the last 3″ of binding last night. It even has a label!  The top was finished in 2007 and I finished quilting it at the beginning of the month.  Normally I stitch my bindings down on the machine — I want to know they’ll stay down — but I was having issues and figured I’d just stitch it down by hand.  I won’t make that decision again unless I have no other choice.

This is one of my challenge quilts, so only 6 more to complete in the next 28 days.  I best get a move on it!

What’s on my Design Wall May 22, 2011

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We interrupt this quilting marathon  ( Complete 10 quilts between March 16th – June 22nd) for a new quilt top – Candy Sunflower Seeds (I’m using the pattern The Chain Event by Dorothy Young).

Say what?!!

After the disaster I created quilting this quilt a few weeks ago,  I had to back up and punt.

Thanks to S for ripping the quilting out.  Anyway, I decided I needed to use a template on my curves and quilting in the setting squares and triangles.  Since I hadn’t done that, I figured a “test” quilt was in order.  Thus the new quilt top.

Of course, now I don’t think I need a test quilt.  Yesterday I quilted the Neutral Strip Twist and I did half way decent considering I hadn’t done any template/ruler work previously.

Since I’m reporting, here’s the status of the marathon quilts.

1 – Dragonflies — Completed 3/29

2 – Miniature Ohio Star – Completed 4/19

3 – Crossword Puzzle – Still piecing – need at least the top 6/3

4 – BQ2 – Needs label, otherwise finished 5/14

5 – Summertime – 8 inches of binding left to stitch down, label attached

6 – Neutral Strip Twist – needs border quilted, etc

7 – The Chain Event – needs quilting (appt on 6/5)

8 – Victoria’s Rose – needs border quilted, etc

9 – Kansas Spirit – needs quilting (will do on DSM)

10 – Ribbon Candy – binding attached

There’s still a lot to do, but I’m confident that with the three-day weekend coming up I’ll be able to get it all done by my deadline.

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What’s On My Design Wall May 16, 2011

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I’m bouncing all over the place this week.  This is nearly half of the blocks I’ll use as the background for the crossword puzzle quilt.  I still need to piece the rest of the blocks I’ve got cut out, and I think due to a miscalculation on my part, I need to make another 8 blocks.  Over the weekend I picked up 5 more FQs.  I’ve said it before, but at this point, this is it.  If I don’t have enough fabric, the quilt will simply be smaller.  The good news is I have final confirmation of the last name I need to include in the quilt.  Isabelle, my sister’s granddaughter to be was born last night.  So, once I get the rest of the blocks pieced I’ll figure out the final block arrangement.

But, since at this time I’m only aiming for a quilt top by the end of may and I have time booked to use the long arm next week, I’ve got to get at least one more quilt top done.

These are the strips sewn into pairs for a Strip Twist quilt.  Since this picture was taken Sunday afternoon, they’ve been pressed open and matched up to sewn into sets of 4.  Tonight is the  Guild meeting, but I hope to get the strip sets sewn afterwards.

Finally my Peacock BQ2 quilt is finished!  OK, it still needs a label, but that’s the least of my worries.  This is quilt # 3 in my 10 by June.

I made this quilt top in May 2009 – but then had no idea how to quilt it.  Honestly, I still didn’t know what I was going to do until my husband suggested loopy flowers.  I had my doubts, but it works. Sure, feathers would have been cool, but  since I’m giving this quilt to my aunt, I wanted to make sure it looked good – or at least not embarrassing.

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Wednesday’s Progress May 11, 2011

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If my math is correct, this is 1/4 of the Drunkard’s Path blocks. 120 more to go!

This Just Might Work May 11, 2011

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Tuesday’s Progress May 10, 2011

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Wow!  With the Go! Cutter I was able to cut all of my strip sets in about an hour.  Now I’m ready to sew!

Monday’s Progress May 10, 2011

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It doesn’t look like much, but I spent all evening sewing the red strips into strip sets.  Next they’ll get run through the Go!  I don’t know if I’ll get it done tomorrow or not.  My niece’s band concert is tomorrow evening.

What’s on my Design Wall May 2, 2011

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This week I have my Turning Twenty Again that I’m calling “Summertime”.  Several years ago during a FQ sale at my LQS I picked up a bundle of Venetian Glass.  At the time, I thought “What was she thinking, some of these are ugly.”  I LOVE how they all work together.  I guess it’s true you need some “uglies” in your quilt to make it sparkle.

I finished the quilting on this Sunday afternoon.

I’m not sure how well you can see the quilting.  It’s pretty basic quilting — wavy diagonal lines.  I was having the worst time finding something to mark the quilt that I could see.  Then I decided to use painter’s tape.

I put several lengths on my cutting mat, then cut both sides using my wavy ruler.  Then I put it on my quilt top and quilted around it.  Worked like a charm — and no marks to wash out!

Now I’m working on the binding.  I normally machine stitch my bindings down, but this one simply wasn’t working — so at the moment I’m stitching it by hand.  No telling when I will finish it, except it will be before June 18th.  This is one of my 7 10 by June quilts.

So, up next is the quilt is the crossword puzzle quilt.

I bought a few more reds at the quilt show yesterday.  Since it was right before closing, they let me pick the FQ from two different bundles.  This is what I have so far:

Not all of those fabrics are FQs — some are just barely F8s.  I think that piece on the far left of the bottom row is going to have to go.  Other than collecting the reds, I’m at a standstill on this one.   My friend V is letting me borrow her Go! and I’ve ordered the 7″ Drunkard’s Path Go! die, but it hasn’t gotten here.  I don’t want to start cutting the fabric until I have an understanding of the die.  I’ve got a great visual in my head of this quilt, so we’ll see how it translates to fabric.

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