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Quilting The Chain Event April 26, 2011

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Pattern - The Chain Event

This is one of my 7 by June 10 by June quilts.  I found the backing fabric last month and now that I’ve met the 2nd deadline with the Mini Ohio Star quilt, it’s on to the next one.

My original intent was to do a bit of grid work on my machine here at home, but yesterday I pulled it out and hung it on the shelves for my subconscious to work on it.  Which worked — to a point.  I’m going to take this quilt down to Rocking Chair Quilts and quilt it on the longarm.  I’ve figured out the quilting for the blocks and setting squares/triangles, but I have no clue what I’m going to do in the peach and green borders.

This is my goal for the pieced blocks.  I can’t remember if the machine can handle a 12″ block on point or not. So, I’ve figured out how to do this in two passes — I fact, I like it better in two passes than just one!

The setting squares and triangles will get a large fan/plume, for lack of a better description.  I’m really glad this print is so busy — it won’t be possible to see my quilting!  I’m going to use a camel thread, so I suppose it won’t be completely invisible.

This is roughly how I’m envisioning the quilting. But what to do in the peach and green borders? The peach border is 2″ and the green 6″ wide. Maybe my subconscious will think of something.


Twin Mystery Top Finished April 15, 2011

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I really should have re-hung the quilt and waited for better light, but I’ve got a mini Ohio Stars quilt to make this weekend.

Mystery Quilt Revealed April 12, 2011

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This past weekend I attended the 10th Anniversary Kaye-Woods-Quilting-Friends (Yahoo! Group)  retreat at Camp Beth Eden in Conway, Missouri.  This was my 7th year.  I had a great time, but I’m exhausted!  One of the activities which you can participate in is a mystery quilt.

A mystery quilt is where you are told how much fabric you need, then are given the cutting and sewing instructions, but not told how what you are making.  Hopefully the instructions are written clear enough that there are no frustrations and in the end you have a finished quilt top which looks like the original when it is revealed.

I wrote this years mystery quilt.  My friend Mary over at Quiltn’ Gramdma’s Blog tested the pattern for me.  After the pattern was tweaked, Terri who wasn’t able to make it to the retreat offered to post the patterns to the list for anyone who wanted to participate, but couldn’t make the trip either.  She also tested the pattern for me.  This is her quilt.

This year we had six ladies complete their quilt tops.

More about the retreat and the shopping I did later.  I’ve got to straighten up my sewing room so I can unpack.

What’s on my Design Wall April 4, 2011

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Woo Hoo!!  I finally finished my Dresden Plate quilt. It was February’s UFO Challenge Quilt.

The fabric for the plates started out life as a skirt my mom made for me in the early 1990’s.  I loved that skirt.  But an elastic waistband on a longer skirt and a rolling desk chair just don’t mix well.  I rolled over my hem and attempted to stand up one too many times.  Putting the fabric into a quilt apparently has not solved this problem. As I was binding the quilt, I rolled over the end of it and got tangled up.

This is the back of the quilt.

I’m working on a pillowcase to go with the quilt.  Right now I’m leaning toward a black case with alternating blades and a narrow gold trim.

I hope to get this pillowcase, and perhaps one for the Dragonfly quilt finished before I leave for retreat later this week.

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Stash Report April 2, 2011

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I’ve still used more fabric than I’ve brought into the house year-to-date, but the difference has shrunk considerably.  Last week I picked up the backings for two of the “7 by July” quilts, and since they were wide backings I did a bit of math to figure out the 42/45″ wide yardage equivalence.    The only fabric used was the backing for the borders of the Dresden Plate quilt which I have finished quilting.

Fabric Added this Week: 14.4 yards
Fabric Added to Date: 33.094 yards

Fabric Used this Week: 2.16 yards
Fabric Used to Date: 43.791 yards

Net Used for 2011: 10.667 yards

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Making Progress April 2, 2011

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The borders are on the Dresden Plate quilt.  I have one border quilted.  Now to mark and quilt the other three.

March UFO Challenge is Met March 29, 2011

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Admittedly this pink and blue quilt is listed as #7 on my UFO Challenge list, but I did say there may be occasions where if a quilt needed to get bumped up, I’d swap #s.  So, I’m swapping #7 for #1.  It just didn’t seem right to use my bunny quilt to meet this month’s challenge since it wasn’t list on the UFO Challenge tab — although it was on either the “tops to be quilted” or “quilts in progress” tab at the beginning of the year.  Anyway, this quilt got bumped to the front of the line so I could practice quilting dragonflies.

For the backing, I used a piece of vintage fabric I got from my friend S when she was cleaning out her stash a year ago.  Come to think of it, the blue & white hearts came from her stash as well.

The quilt is approximately 39″ square.  I  used Warm & Natural batting, King Tut # 993 (white) in the top and Bottomline  in the bobbin.  The binding is stitched down by machine — I can’t think of any binding I’ve done by hand.

Now on to the next quilt – Dragonflies.

This is the first of the seven quilts I need done by the end of June. Here’s a closeup of the quilting.  My dragonflies were various sized and going every which way.

I opted for King Tut # 978 – Rosetta Stone in the top.  I wasn’t gutsy enough to use the bright thread.

White thread in the bobbin.  So essentially you can’t see my quilting — which at this point is a good thing.

After washing the quilt measures 57 x 68.  I used Warm & Natural batting in this one as well.

What’s On My Design Wall March 27, 2011

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No piecing this week.  I’ve got the binding attached to the baby quilt and hope to get it sewn down tonight.  Then I’ll trim the Dragonflies and work on binding it.  Stay tuned for better pictures later in the week.

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Dragonflies is a Top March 21, 2011

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I’ve just finished putting the border on Dragonflies.  The top measures approximately 60 x 72.

Tomorrow’s task to to make the backing for this quilt and Victoria’s Rose.

This afternoon I took a file box of quilting books, patterns, and magazines to Fabric Recycles.  They will purchase your unwanted fabric, notions, and pattern for either cash or store credit, or you can simply make a donation.  While I was waiting for the offer on my stuff, I looked for backing fabric for the other 4 quilt tops which I will be quilting over the next 14 weeks.

I found this fabric:

It will be perfect for the backing of Victoria’s Rose, and at $2 a yard, I can’t beat the price.  I paid for it from the cash I got for my box of books and pattern and still came home with money in my pocket.  I wasn’t able to find anything for my other quilt tops, but I’ll try to swing by there the next time I’m out and about to see if anything new has come in.

What’s on my Design Wall March 21, 2011

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This past weekend I worked on my Dragonfly quilt.  It still needs borders, but I need sleep more.  After work I’ll get the rest of the borders on and perhaps get the backing pieced.

Isn’t this fabric perfect for the backing?

I’ve got an appointment in Butler on the 27th to quilt this top, so I’ve got to practice drawing dragonflies.  While I’m doing that, I’ll ponder thread color.  I have a spool of King Tut #901 Nefertiti which is Green, Fuchsia, Yellow, and Orchid.  This is the thread that I used to quilt No Blue Geese in My Tropical Garden.  It’s missing orange and turquoise.  So, I wonder about using # 978 Rosetta Stone which is a Light Silver, Charcoal and Dark Silver – but the Superior website says this is out of stock, so that may solve the problem for me.   There will be an outer black border and the binding will be black as well.

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