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2010 Goals

This is a summary of the various resources and groups I’m using to keep me on track this year with my quilting goals. Additionally, I print out a sheet of my goals for the month and check them off as they get done.  Unfinished monthly goals may or may not continue over to the next month depending on what is going on.  These sheets ultimately get filed in my quilting binder for future reference and reflection.

With all the motivational resources I’m tapping into, this will be a great year for finishing some of my quilts!













SBS BOW Weekly X
Scraps – Clear Basket DONE X X
Finish New Starts Ongoing X X
Carolina Christmas Top DONE X X X
4- Patch Stripy DONE X X X X X X
Double Wedding Ring Nov 28 X X X X X
Music Quilt DONE X X X X X
Green & Cream Dec 31 X X X
Baby Quilt DONE X X X
Quilt a BH Quilt Top DONE X X X X
Dancing Flowers DONE X X X
Attend Workshop DONE X
Enter Quilt in Show DONE X
Move from UFO to Top or Top to Quilt DONE X




There are multiple parts to the support via Blogging:

These are the stated goals for the year.  I’ll post bits and pieces on the proper day.

Ongoing Tasks:

Complete these Tops:

Quilt and Bind:

kaywoods-quilting-friends Yahoo! Group (KWQF)

Members of the group list what quilting projects they want to finish this year.  Send in a photo of the completed project by the end of the year and your name goes in the bucket for each finish to win a prize.

UFQ Program

Sponsored by Heritage Fine Fabrics

Heritage is sponsoring a UnFinished Quilt project.  Pick up to six quilts that you are going to work toward completion on and list the goal.  There is a limit of 6 quilts and there is a small entry fee per quilt. Obtaining the  goal earns a small prize (spool of thread, FQs, etc) and your name into the pot for the grand prize drawing.   Next January there is a party to show off the completed projects.

KVQG New Year’s Resolution Challenge

The question is “What do you want to accomplish in the next six months?”  There are prizes awarded at the July meeting.  This is much more than just attaining individual goals, it’s about growing and sharing your quilting experiences.  There is a small entry fee for each resolution.  This is what I signed up for at the January meeting.

Quilt in a Day Forums

There is a posting each month on our goals for the month.  We’ve already posted our yearly goals were posted in December.

Karen’s UFO Quilt Along

on Connecting Threads Quilt With Us

This is another on-line forum where I can get and give encouragement on UFOs.  There is a monthly challenge topic.


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