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UFO Challenge 2011

Judy at Patchwork Times is sponsoring a UFO Challenge.  If you look at my Quilts In Progress and Tops to be Quilted tabs, you can see I need all the help I can get. Generally when I list out the quilts I want to finish in the year, I need them finished in a particular order.  As a result, playing along where a # is pulled each month and that is the quilt you work on doesn’t work for me. So, I’m going to try something different to participate in this challenge.

I still have my “want/need to get done this year” UFOs – those are easy to identify as they have hard dates (well, we know how hard the DWR date is lol) and I will work on them “normally” – whatever that means – and they will not be part of the # pull that Judy is doing.  I have 4 quilts on this list.

From my Quilts in Progress tab I picked 8 quilts with the goal of getting them to the top stage and 8 quilt tops off the Tops to be Quilted tab. There are 4 quilts which are on both lists, marked with an asterisk.  These are quilts I’m using a quilt-as-you-go method.   None of these quilts have hard deadlines, as a result I’ve been dragging my feet.  When the # is drawn I’ll decide if I’m going to piece or quilt that month. Don’t expect me to do both! Although I suppose it could happen.

There will be occasions when a quilt will need to get moved to the top of the line regardless of the # pulled for the month. In those instances, I’ll either swap the #s if they are on this list, or if the quilt doesn’t have an assigned #, but is on either tab as of January 1, 2011, I’ll substitute it for the current # drawn. After all the goal is to get quilts off the UFO list.

Quilts in Progress

1 – Mom’s 4-patch Stacked Posies – March’s Pick – Top Completed 10/5/11

As of 3/1/11

2 – True Friends – July’s Pick – Top Completed 8/17/11 – Quilted and bound 8/21/11

3 – 2006 Retreat Mystery – November’s Pick – Top Completed 11/5

4 – Red, White & Blue Sampler – April’s Pick

5 – Victory Quilt – October’s Pick

6 – 2008 Charm Challenge – January’s Pick – Top Completed 1/25/11 –  Quilted and Bound 1/29/11

As of 1/1/11

As of 1/29/11

7 – Mom’s Baby Chain of Stars – August’s Pick – Top Completed 8/6/11 – Quilted & Bound 8/6/11

8 – QIAD Christmas Row Quilt – June’s Pick – Top Completed 9/2/11.

9 – Green & Cream Swap * – May’s Pick

10 -Dresden Plate* – February’s Pick – Completed 4/3/11

As of 2/1/11

As of 2/28/11

As of 4/3/11

11 – Compass Lone Star*

12 -Hancock Stars BOM*

Tops to be Quilted

1 – Red, White & Blue Baby 2 – March’s Pick – used #7 instead. Quilted and Bound 8/7/11

As of 3/1/11

2 – Fireworks over John Deer – July’s Pick – Quilted and bound – 7/31/11

3 – Thangles BOM 1 (yellow) – November’s Pick

4 – Thangles BOM 2 (purple) – April’s Pick

5 – Glenwood Avenue (baby glow) – October’s Pick – Quilted and Bound – 11/12/11

6 – Scrap 5 Patches – January’s Pick – Quilted & Bound 1/31/11

As of 1/1/11

As of 1/31/11

7 – Carolina Christmas – Baby 1 – Substitute for March’s Pick # 1 –  Quilted and Bound  3/28/11

As of 3/1/11

As of 3/28/11

8  – No Blue Geese ** This quilt was completed 12/28/10, so I’ll pick another one when #8 is called.  June’s Pick.  These for quilts from my “Tops to be quilted” list were finished in June.

9 – Green & Cream Swap* – May’s Pick
10 – Dresden Plate* – February’s Pick – Completed 4/3/11

As of 2/1/11

As of 2/28/11

As of 4/3/11

11 – Compass Lone Star *
12 – Hancock Stars BOM *

** Just needs backing fixed and bound.

I have no illusions that I’ll be able to complete all the quilts listed here.  Some of them will require more than a month to complete, but that’s OK.  Just so long as I put in a good effort and make progress.



1. Judy’s UFO Challenge 2011 « Quilting and Stuff by Knitnoid - December 16, 2010

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2. Mary C in WA - December 17, 2010

I’m wondering if Your #12 Hancock Stars* is the same one I did a few years ago. Primary Colors?
I have made my list and am getting ready to put each UFO in a Tote so I can take a picture and put them on a shelf in order as Tagged with numbers on the totes. Wish me luck finding them all. Judy said to do Pictures…

3. knitnoid - December 17, 2010

I’m working on pictures — I’ve got some, I just need to get them linked. The Hancock Stars is the peach and green w/the black oriental border.

4. Judy Laquidara - December 17, 2010

Great projects. Looking through the blogs at everyone’s projects, including my own, I wonder why we leave such beautiful projects unfinished. Better projects come along I guess!

5. Jo's Country Junctio - December 17, 2010

I have a BIG list too..Hopefully I’ll still get to quilt some new stuff too.

6. pdudgeon - December 17, 2010

your #2-True Friends-brings back memories! i have a jacket i made from that same line.

7. Kathie L in MD - December 17, 2010

So many bright quilts, beautiful. I look forward to seeing a lot of these all done.

8. CarolE - December 17, 2010

Love your Carolina Christmas baby quilt!!

9. Angie Nudge - December 17, 2010

Wow beautiful tops and beautiful ufos – I’m rooting for you!

10. Dionne - December 21, 2010

Just joined the challenge. I love all your projects. I’m really looking forward to watching your progress this year!

11. What’s on my Design Wall « Quilting and Stuff by Knitnoid - December 27, 2010

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12. Alycia - December 28, 2010

YOu have put a lot of thought into how you are going to get these done. I am impressed. Beautiful quilts!

13. 2011 Quilting Goals « Quilting and Stuff by Knitnoid - January 1, 2011

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